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APRIL 2017

Payment sokutions


Mobile first

The first parties are a fact, and the festival season has taken off. Now is the time for people wanting to attend festivals to buy their tickets to the most wicked festivals of the year. This is the moment where months and months of planning and organising come together, and we’d love to help out the event organisers with a few handy tips for ticket sales.

1. Safe and consistent

When hard work pays off and you attract big numbers in ticket sales for your festival or event, the last thing you’d want is for customers to have to wait because the server can’t handle all the traffic. Instead, you should opt to outsource the ticket sales to a party with high uptime, safe and secure data storage and 24/7/365 support for both the event organiser as well as the visitor.

2. International range

Dutch festivals are very popular with international visitors. On top of that, many organisers also expand their events well over the Dutch borders into international territory. Of course you want to ensure that all visitors, regardless of their nationality or language, can easily buy tickets in your ticket shop. That’s why you should opt for a multi-lingual ticket shop. Also keep in mind the support of the most widely used international payment methods this ticket shop can offer.

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3. Mobile use

More than 60% of all visitors buy their ticket on a mobile device so it is vital that your ticket sales is fully optimised for every mobile phone. Visitors then also expect their festival ticket to be scanned from their mobile phones when they want to enter the festival, so you should make sure that they can store their ticket safely as a PDF file or m-ticket, for example in the Apple wallet. To top it off, Ticketflow’s scan app can help add to a smooth access experience by scanning and validating tickets.

Download the scan app forAdroid en iOS.

4. Open and straight

You’ve done everything in your power to make the ticket sales run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved and as such, tickets are sold by the bunch. Still, the process of buying a ticket is also the number one nuisance among people because of the extra service costs that are charged. As event organiser, you can choose for your customer to pay this directly, but if the customer only finds out about the extra charges at the end of their purchasing process, they will not be amused. So in order to avoid having dissatisfied customers, you should be open and straight about the service costs. State them right at the beginning and include them in the total price of the e-ticket.

5. Data, data, data

We all know it so it is almost needless to say, but data is essential. A clear overview of your visitors and ticket sales helps you to assist or make changes where necessary during ticket sales, but also to gain insight into your audience. And, of course, you can use the data to optimise future events. For example, you could send an invite with personalised promo to the first visitors the following year. Or perhaps it could be that you have to change the lay-out of your event area based on collected data to better cater for large crowds.

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