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Every year, Roosendaal is home to the cycling event called ‘De Draai’. This two-day event encompasses various race and mountain bike tours but also a fun-filled entertainment programme during the evening hours. This year, ‘De Draai’ decided to use Ticketflow for the entire process: ticket sales, ticketing and payment solutions were all performed and executed by us. This made it possible for visitors to either buy their tickets online or at the event itself. Ticket sales was further optimised by implementing Ticketflow’s Guest Manager and ticket scanning.

Guest Manager for every sponsor event

This cycling event is made possible by sponsors. As part of their sponsoring package, sponsors receive access tickets to the VIP areas. The sponsors were able to use Ticketflow’s Guest Manager, part of the online ticketing system, to invite their relations with a few simple clicks online. Within one go, they were able to invite all their relations from their own account and include a personal message with the invite for ‘De Draai’. How to do this? The sponsor simply fills out the relation’s details in the Ticketflow dashboard and selects the number of tickets to be allocated. The relations will then receive a personal invite with their e-tickets attached.

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Allocating extra tickets to sponsors is often a time-consuming process. This is why the purchasing of extra tickets is fully integrated in the Guest Manager. This way, the ‘De Draai’ sponsors were able to easily add and pay for tickets themselves.    

Overview of visitor flow from access control

All regular tickets for ‘De Draai’ were handled this year by the use of Ticketflow’s ticketing, payment and scanning systems. In particular, the total access control solution was the most important change in the ticketing process. Of course it saved ‘De Draai’ a lot of time, but, by scanning all the tickets during access control, they now also had a fully mapped out overview of their visitor flow for the first time. This gave insight into when most of the regular tickets were sold and where most visitors entered the event. This valuable data allows the next edition of ‘De Draai’ to be further optimised. 

Ticketflow allows you to start the ticket sales of your event within 3 easy steps. Avoid the administrative hassle that comes with paper-based tickets. Make things easy for your sponsors by letting them invite their relations using the Guest Manager, part of Ticketflow’s total ticketing solution.

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