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APRIL 2016

Guest Manager

Payment solutions

Ticket scanning

Now that mobile tickets are in play, visitors can show their tickets and enter an event even faster. As soon as the buyer opens their ticket from their email on a smartphone, the ticket is automatically displayed as a mobile ticket, which loads much faster than a regular ticket. The future holds further developments such as eliminating the use of email by sending tickets through SMS and Push notifications. Printing or loading a PDF ticket will belong to the past thanks to Ticketflow.

The benefits

Due to the rapid increase in smartphones, the number of people that print their e-ticket decreases drastically. On top of that, people often have poor signal range at events which leads to slow downloading of tickets and unnecessary data usage. Ticketflow’s m-tickets are automatically displayed as soon as they’re opened on a mobile device. This means people can show their ticket much faster upon arrival, which, in its turn, leads to quickened scanning to enter the event. Ticketflow’s access scanners can effortlessly validate m-tickets.

Display of partner logos becoming more valuable

Many event organisers provide space on the e-tickets for a sponsor and their logo, giving the event’s sponsor extra exposure. Ticketflow’s m-ticket makes sure that the sponsor’s logo is placed even more prominently in a banner above the QR-code. It is also possible to make this banner clickable, allowing the visitor to be instantly directed to the partner’s website.


Looking at the future, it will soon be possible to send tickets via SMS messages or Push notifications instead of the usual email. This will then display the m-ticket, which is applicable for every smartphone and delivery is always guaranteed. This is particularly attractive for last-minute visitors who wish to buy a ticket at the event itself.

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