Scanning tickets in the outer areas





Scan app

Hiring scanning hardware is a thing of the past because scanning staff can now use the reliable and safe scan app on their own mobile phone. Even in remote areas that often come with poor Wi-Fi, the scan app works at full speed during access control.


Large turn-up at Corso Zundert

The scan app was also used at the annual Corso in Zundert which celebrated its 76th edition on Sunday the 3rd of September. The Corso Zundert is an annual flower parade with giant flower floats. This large-scale outdoor event was popular enough to attract no less than 50,000 visitors. Thousands of people entered through one of the 9 entrance points by having their mobile or printed tickets scanned by staff who were using Ticketflow’s scan app on their own mobile phone.Ticketflow’s scan app can be downloaded onto Android and IOS smartphones. The secure app scans all types of tickets effortlessly. And to find out how many visitors there are at the event, you no longer need to physically be at the entrance. The event organisers can see real-time how many visitors are currently present at the event through the secured mobile access control monitor. 

Overview of visitor flow

This year, Corso Zundert had nine entrance points with no less than 25 entrance gates. Because in previous years they used to take paper tickets at the entrance, there was no way of knowing how many visitors there were without counting them manually. By using the scan app, it was now possible to see real-time how many visitors entered the event and also where and when they entered. This data is valuable for the event organisers because they can use it to optimise next year’s edition.  

Ticketflow allows you to start the ticket sales of your event within 3 easy steps. Avoid the administrative hassle that comes with paper-based tickets. Make things easy for your sponsors by letting them invite their relations using the Guest Manager, part of Ticketflow’s total ticketing solution.

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